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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Power To Satisfy

This last week I've been in research mode. Once I get the first draft of a book finished, I like to let it sit for a few days. So I step away from it and begin researching my next project. After I'm done with my research, I'll go back to that completed first draft and edit and polish until I'm satisfied.
Writing historicals takes a good bit of research. Lucky for me I love history, all kinds of history from all over the world and every time period. Sinking into what life must have been like during key turning points in the evolution of humankind and society is fascinating to me. Especially where women are concerned.
Rarely is credit offered to the women of history, though I believe there were many - unknown to us because they were not written about - who played pivotal roles in the events of history. I do not doubt that a carefully whispered word accompanied by a soft touch had at least some influence on a man somewhere in time. And in more ways than one.
Those are the stories I want to read. Those are the stories I want to tell. Those are the stories that make us believe in ourselves and the power we wield as women. Those are the stories that satisfy us.
So as I return to my stacks of library books and internet search engines, I'll keep looking for the women behind the history, and the men strong enough to listen to them.

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