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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Threads of Time: Mine are in Knots

My girlfriends like to give me calendars for Christmas--horse art, fairies with glittering wings, ferocious dragons, I love to see them on my office wall. My favorite was a Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell's Fantasy Calendar. The luscious thighs and delicious muscles were a pleasure to behold as I painted my fantasy worlds with my keyboard.

But last year my girlfriends gave me six calendars--which might explain why this year I received none. I'm sure they thought another of them got me one.

I wasn't too worried about this. Borders and B&N sells their calendars at 50% off after the first of the year, and I had a $5 coupon for Borders. Today is the 5th. Surely I could manage 5 days without a calendar. My mind is a steel trap, after all. Watch out.

Well, I had something scheduled for my niece on Saturday and something with my nephew for Sunday, and I was having lunch with my critique partner on Sunday, too, but that's okay. Sunday has enough hours in it for two events.

So today, calendar--less, I spent an hour and a half at a birthday party with my nephew. Only it wasn't a party for anyone we know. THAT party is tomorrow--at the same time I'm supposed to have lunch with my critique partner. And that thing with my niece? That was this morning at 9:30. Oh yes, I was still in bed. So much for the steel trap. It appears to have rust when I wasn't looking.

I didn't go home after the birthday party. My humoring barfly friend--after asking me if I was high--took me to Borders. With my $5 coupon and my 50% off, I bought a beautiful Woodland Faeries calendar by Linda Ravenscroft. I bought a horse calendar too, for the kitchen. I saved something like $11, but I would have rathered make my engagement with my niece...and scheduled my lunch with my CP at some time other than my nephew's birthday party.

Which brings me to a word of thanks to whichever Aphrodisiac programmed the Yahoo Groups thing to nag the person who's turn it was to blog. (I suspect that's Jodi. Thanks, Jodi!) Last year, as soon as the blog schedule was created, I wrote my dates faithfully on the appointed Sunday on one of my six calendars. But then everything got changed. Maybe twice. I missed every blog after that because I couldn't tell which blog date was mine when I looked at my crossed-out dates on my calendar.

I'm officially ready for 2008 now. I've got my two calendars in place, and there's a pencil--with a big fat eraser--tied to each.

Whatever each of you does to stay organized, I wish you the best of it! May your iPhone never crash. May your Blackberry never run out of batteries. (And Kate, may Outlook never lie too far from your fingertips!)

May your girlfriends never fail to give you calendars for the holidays...and if they do, don't be a cheap bastard and wait for the sale.

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