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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Adventures of My Inner Kid

It's been a case of Girl Gone Wild the past couple weeks (and wouldn't THAT statement reflect totally different things, had I said it, oh, 30 years ago!) because I've stayed away from the Mac and writing ON PURPOSE. After meeting 3 deadlines in the previous 5 months, it was time to get away! The galleys for my May "Charlotte" book got done, and a number of other commitments got met...and then I said "adios" to all this WORK stuff.

So I went to Lowe's--how's that for excitement?! Bought paint for my main bathroom, got rid of the tropical fish border (NO MORE BORDER! What a pain to remove that stuff!) and I now sport an accent wall of Red Gumball (read: whorehouse red) with some sponge texturing. Honey beige keeps the other walls sane...unless you count the bright, bold prints of jazz musicians from Memphis, and the Mardi Gras masks and beads from N'Awlins. The room ROCKS! Am finishing the final details before our potluck group comes this Saturday night.

I've also spent time wandering through Hobby Lobby. Did a pretty silk arrangement in a basket my m-i-l had--for HER new bathroom--in bright pinky-orange roses, yellow roses, and daisies. It's an eye-popper! I'm so tickled that I can do this without having had any real classes on it...I just intuit my way through this art stuff and do what makes me smile.

I've enjoyed lunch with a couple of friends. I've cleaned out the bathroom cabinets and reorganized the linen closet at long last. I spent the weekend in Memphis with my dh for an ear clinic appointment, but I was crocheting on a gorgeous striped afghan in Tuscan colors, for my sister's living room, and I was haunting the Beale Street tourist trap shops for one or two more wall doodads in my bathroom.

What does this have to do with writing, you ask?

Nothing. And everything!

My psychic advisor and my numerologist have both INSISTED that I get out for these "artistic trips" away from the computer, but my soul knew I needed them long before I met these ladies. I've found out I work best when I intersperse writing/creating wordscapes with activities involving color and eye-hand activities that leave my brain free to ramble. In the back of my mind, I knew it was time to conjure new proposals for both of my publishers, but I blew off that urge in favor of playing just a little longer.

And guess what? This week I found the PERFECT face for the identical twins who will star in my next Aphro title, which will be Victorian erotica! And I found their husbands' faces--and the face of the trance medium who leads to the big, bad revelations of past uh, indecencies, in this family's shadows. AND NOW, I CAN'T WAIT TO WRITE THIS STORY!

I hope you, too, will heed the call of your wanton Inner Kid--soon! I hope you'll give her free reign to play at whatever she loves...or watch dirty movies for story inspiration, or whatever she doesn't get nearly enough of. Eat lots of chocolate and wash it down with her liquid of choice (OK, so mine is tea! But only during the week!) and see what happens.

And I wish you all a wonderful journey! And a wonderful day!

Melissa MacNeal, who never intends to grow upĀ 

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