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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Naked men on covers

This week the winners of the Judge a Book By Its Cover contest were announced. Alas, my book Touch Me was not a winner, or even a finalist (though The Firefighter antho took second place in single title/mainstream).

Take a look at the winning covers:

Do you notice a trend? Four of the five winners feature naked male torsos. The traditional “clinch” cover (i.e., a male/female embrace) is much less popular.

Of course that’s just the opinion of these particular judges. Personally, for a romance, I do like seeing the heroine and hero together. If I only see one character on the cover, I tend to think it’s his or her story – as in chick lit or women’s fiction. But I know a lot of women readers do love those solitary hotties, largely because the reader can imagine herself into the scene with him.

I wonder how the art departments and editors decide which kind of cover to give a book? My Awesome Foursome books, which are definitely romances, all feature couples, though many Aphrodisia romances have a solitary (and near-naked!) guy. The Firefighter is an antho with three novellas starring firefighter heroes, so I can see why that one would have a sole firefighter on the cover. But how do they decide, with the romances, when to use a couple and when a man alone? And, by the way, you’ll notice it’s almost never a woman alone.

What do you think? What are your favorite covers?

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