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Friday, February 15, 2008


As this is a blog by erotic romance writers, "screwed" might not be a bad and in some cases it most definitely is not. :-) But, this isn't one of them. 

No, I'm talking about "screwed" as in getting a bad break. My latest one was quite literal. I fractured my hip, not something that should happen at my age, but I like to be unique and defy the odds. This resulted in getting "screwed", three screws holding the bone together to be exact.

 In writing and life there are times when events do not go our way and we end up in positions we never planned or wanted to be in. While not fun, and this is something I would recommend NOT trying, it's getting "screwed" when we learn the most about our abilities and ourselves.

What I've learned is:

**Not to take little things, like the ability to carry a plate from your kitchen counter to the table, for granted. 

**When you want something bad enough, you'll find a way to achieve your goal.

**Necessity is the mother of creativity. If I can come up with plots, I can invent a way to get laundry to the machine and a dozen other chores.

**Most of us are a lot stronger than we think. It only in times of need does the strength show itself.

**Be thankful & kind to your friends and family, first because they are your friends, and because you never know when you will need help & support. 

**Attitude is everything. No matter how bad the situation is you can choose to wallow or make the best of it and learn everything you can.

**Slow down. I'm guilty of rushing and a having a brain that moves at the speed of light, but when your body takes what feels like 5 times as long to accomplish normal tasks, you don't have choice but to slow down and take it one thing at a time.

**Never lose your sense of humor. Nothing is so awful if you can poke fun at it and yourself.

What lessons have you learned that were tough at the time, but turned out to be invaluable?



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