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Monday, February 04, 2008

That "after it's done" burn out...

First of all, take a look at my new book cover for Wolf Tales VI. Is this gorgeous or what? :-) It comes out in July.

However, that's not what I'm writing about!

This morning I packed up the finished manuscript for Wolf Tales VII, the thirteenth title in my series, and mailed it off to my editor. Then I immediately sunk into a deep and dark depression. Does anyone else do this? I think it's the fact I've lived with the characters for so many weeks (or months, in the case of this one!) and when the story ends, my relationship with my characters ends as well...at least until I start the next book in the series! I keep thinking, when the time comes that I don't write about my Chanku anymore, I'll probably need therapy!

I've always been that way with every book I've written. I honestly think the fantasy world I write intrudes so heavily on my real world that it's painful to get jerked back into reality. I look back over the months since I started this story, though, and there have been so many family and personal issues, that finishing the book became a major peak to conquer--my mother's surgery, my own health issues, a computer crash, then Mom's fall and broken bones, remodeling our kitchen, two weeks of snow in an area where snow is NOT supposed to come that often...it's gone on and on and on. My story was the only thing I had any control over at all, and of course, once the characters gained a bit of power, I lost even that!

I will say, though, that through it all my readers have been absolutely amazing. I didn't realize what a powerful support group I had until I sent out a whiny, grumpy plea for understanding on my newsletter, and got literally hundreds of replies from people offering me nothing but prayers and good thoughts. It made me realize just how lucky I am.

On that note, I'm going to close and head for the shower and bed. I need to get some sleep and start the next book, because I know I'll feel better once I'm back in sync with my Chanku shapeshifters! Do you have the same issues? Sort of a post partum depression for writers? I'd love to hear how you deal with it if you do!

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