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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thigh High!

My latest title, THIGH HIGH is out now. This book is an anthology, the first one where I'm the only author. Three different stories, with different sets of characters all in one book. But for the first time, I'm not sandwiched between other styles and other voices. Nope, this book is all on me.

I've had some really fab reviews on THIGH HIGH. I'm always surprised when comments come in about the warmth of the stories, the humor, the interesting characters. I've finally learned to trust them, to accept that I write in a voice that garners those kinds of comments.

I was surprised at first, way back when the line launched and reviewers were calling my story in The Hard Stuff, "sweet". I hadn't thought about how my stories would "feel" to readers. I wanted to heat them up (these are erotic romance, after all), I wanted to write "page turners" and books readers couldn't put down. I never thought about how readers would feel beyond that need to see what happens next.

Is that weird? I never set out to write about family connections, or warm fuzzies.

With novellas it can be difficult to paint a complete picture of a character, give them the layers that make for an emotional read especially if they're more action oriented. Maybe that's why instinctively, I write small mysteries or quiet conflicts in novellas.

Over the two years with Aphrodisia, I've had sons worried about widowed dads, brides without grooms, a reunion story, and now, 3 more novellas with quiet, small conflicts.

But at the end of each story, there's that sigh of satisfaction that romance readers crave...the reason we lovers of romance read what we read: the happy ending. I would post some of my review comments here...but I'm already running out of room.

If you've got a moment, feel free to click on over to http://www.bonnieedwards.com/ to read excerpts from THIGH HIGH.

My question is: What do you prefer in shorter fiction? Action stories or the quieter conflicts?

I hope everyone reading this is safe from snow, tornadoes, and anything else mother nature's throwing around these days. Take care, and settle in with a good book,

Bonnie Edwards

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