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Friday, March 14, 2008

Love in Distress


Once again I sit here and watch as another of our sisters goes through some mega love-stress. This time its Silda Spitzer's face as her only-remorseful-since-I-got-caught husband admits to his 5 month/$80,000 passion for prostitutes.

Talk about a set back. My muse took a vacation after that. I'm just now getting up the energy to drag her out into my creative mind.

Why is true love so...complicated for many? What is so hard about you love me and I love you and we care enough to make good choices for each other? I'm sure at no time did Silda think that her "for worse" vows would ever be expanded to include a whore...or two. So what made old Jim throw everything he had away--power, position, family, wife--on a $5000 an hour whore? (Jim, you really should check out the going prices. $5000 is a bit steep, don't you think?)

**stepping off my platform**

OK, my latest for Kensington's Satify Me III, Driving My Man Wild, is coming along nicely. I told you I'm writing only married people sex from here on out and boy am I having a good time. Let's just say, a trunk full of love letters sets the sparks aflying in couple whose flame has dimmed a bit. But not by the end. By the end, even you should hear the cannons booming, see the fireworks exploding, feel the vibrations in your feet...and elsewhere.

Y'all have a great weekend.

Peace out.



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