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Friday, March 07, 2008

Who'd've Thunk It?!

This morning I spent a fun hour and a half on BlogTalk Radio giving live Tarot readings and talking about my upcoming books...here I am blogging online...last Tuesday I emailed a proposal for my next Aphrodisia book to my agent, stepped outside with my dog, and when I got back to my Mac, my agent had already read the synopsis and sent it on to my editor, John! In less than 10 minutes, a proposal went from my desk to my agent to my editor!!!

When you consider I sold my first story after writing it (laboriously) on a portable electric typewriter, and mailing the hard copy to the editor of TRUE STORY and waiting nine months for a reply, this week's online activity is truly amazing to me! Even five years ago, I couldn't have conceived of such instantaneous communication between myself and a New York editor, much less having the guts to do Tarot readings on the air/online! Heck, I was barely scratching the surface of learning the Tarot and I wasn't telling ANYONE I was drawn to such stuff!

And my point would be?

Who can imagine what we might all be writing a mere five years (or heck--five months!) from now? Who knew our erotic stories would be the key to our current publishing success? And of course, we all try not to wonder about when this wave might play itself out....

But it will. And if we're lucky and savvy and our stars align right, we'll follow another wave into altogether new territory for our writing. Don't ask me to consult my cards about where it might take you--or me--coz I can't predict that! But as I stand on the eve of another birthday, and another couple of contracts, and realize that I've stayed afloat--mostly--in the writing world for about 23 years now, I can promise you it'll be a fascinating ride! Bumpy probably. And we might take a wrong turn now and again, and somebody might give us directions that don't pan out.

But this is exactly where I want to be right now! And five years from now, when I have my next really BIG birthday, I'll be saying, "Who'd've thunk I'd be---?"

Fill in the blank! I guarantee you'll look back five years from now and laugh at your antiquated answer. It's an amazing time to be alive, and to be a writer!

Happy writing! And happy trails to you!


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