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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Between Contracts

I've been writing for two, almost three, years now, and in all that time I've never had any kind of writing down time. There was always a project to work on, a book to finish, a deadline to meet, a contest to enter. You get the idea.

I just finished my first two book deal with Kensington, had a wild selling streak and sold everything that was out for submission (woohoo!), and...now I have nothing to do. I'm waiting for edits and contracts to come back to me, but right now I have nothing. to. write.

I know some will say I should enjoy the down time, but...it's so not in my nature to have down time. I mean, I work full time and pretty much write full time, too. Call me a workaholic, I'm okay with it.

I suppose I could write a new proposal, though I just finished three of them. Or I could write a short story for one of my e-publishers. But it's just odd not to have to do anything. I usually have very specific word count goals every day. I write every day. No exceptions. I don't care if I'm sick or dying or had an icy fall down some very cement steps (March was a bad month for me is all I can say about that).

And now...I can watch TV after work and not have to feel guilty about not doing what I should be doing. It just feels dirty and wrong.

Anyone read any good books lately and want to recommend them? I've already burned through my TBR pile in the past five days. This is why I started writing in the first place, I'm easily bored without something. to. do.

I watched the Netflix movie that's been sitting on my DVD player for a few weeks now. I Am Legend. Will Smith with no shirt is yum. Post-Apocalypse meets Cast Away premise is interesting. Special effects were laughable, and the pacing of the movie was off to me. But Will Smith had no shirt on and he was all sweaty, so I forgive the movie for not being made of awesome.

I've also been cruising around YouTube like a fiend. There are some really weird things on that website. Also, some of my favorite songs have fun videos. Who knew?

So that's my fun update. I'm between contracts and driving myself crazy. Quick! Someone put me out of my misery!

-Crystal Jordan

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