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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Breathless with anticipation....

The writing life's been wild and wacky lately. In February I accepted an offer from Harlequin Blaze for a book that would never fly with my editor at Kensington. I love knowing what will work and what won't with my Aphrodisias. It's taken time to learn, but as things move along, it'll save me time. And time, for writers on deadline, is more valuable than gold.

I'm probably one of the, ahem, sweetest of the Aphrodisia authors...not a lot 'o kink in a Bonnie Edwards Aph, so here's hoping I have some cross-over readers. {ok, I suppose some people would substitute the word boring for sweetest - LOL - and if you're one of those people don't tell me}
The Aphrodisia call came a couple weeks ago. So....big cheers here!... I'm also signed on for two more Aphrodisias.

First up is my single anthology, BREATHLESS, which will be released in 2009. BREATHLESS is a trilogy of novellas linked by underwear above the waist: a corset with a time-travel twist, a Vegas showgirl's bustier and a body art competition. I've got a mystery, one last visit to Perdition House, and a sexy carpenter in BREATHLESS. And I can't wait to write them all...I think it's a great combination of stories. A little of this, a little of that...just fun!

Like I said the writing life's been a little wild and wacky. This is the first time I've had to balance so many projects at once. I have two editors to answer to. I'm thrilled to rise to this challenge, but it meant some heavy duty thinking about how to write so that all my books have enough time to gel.

I write four drafts of every book. That's four official drafts...that's not counting the endless revising I seem to do on a daily basis. So, yes, this takes time and balancing my writing life with my family responsibilities was a challenge this time.

Life emergencies happen and when you can see them on the horizon it's better to add time to your due dates at contract time, than to ask for an extension when the books are due. It was difficult to sort through my life (and those life emergencies that are a guarantee) for the next year. Talk about needing to see the future!

So, it'll be 2009 before BREATHLESS makes an appearance on the shelves. Here's hoping the second Aphrodisia isn't such a long wait. That one will be a single title.

The wait seems impossibly long for me, I just hope readers will be happy to hang in there with me!

Back to work for me,

Bonnie Edwards

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