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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Don't Wanna Be Serious

Going Down won't be out for another month but I had to share this cover. I'm particularly taken with the coloring. To be honest, I squirm every time I look at it because I'm darn ticklish on that part of my anatomy. How my heroine is able to sit there and simply enjoy is beyond me. If it was me--and believe me, no one wants to see that part of my anatomy on a cover, shudder--I'd have already kicked the poor man where it counted.

Okay, as I hinted in the title, I'm not in a serious mood today, probably because I'm doing my dangness not to give into this gray and rainy day. (what a contrast after record breaking heat last week). A couple of days ago I updated the news on my website www.VonnaHarper.com and described what my office looks like. Fascinating reading, not. Today I decided to dig into my brain and come up with what my ideal office would look like. How's this for priorities?
1. Ice making machine so I don't have to keep going downstairs to replenish my trusty ice water.
2. Snack drawer. (oops, better not)
3. Perfect-running computer. Mine isn't bad, but it's pushing 4 years old and I'm getting a little nervous. I don't care what operating system it has just as long as I somehow am as one with it. No glitches of course, never a need to call the dreaded customer support.. Having it the size of a tissue box would be kinda cool. No games of any kind loaded into it because I might be the only person on earth who doesn't give a darn about that stuff. I was going to mention some of those interactive video games but without my grandson around to educate me I'd just sound like an absolute idiot.
4. 25" monitor. The one I have is 19" and I love it, but if I'm being greedy--
5. Seamless Internet connection. Always on but of course absolutely and completely safe from viruses and spam.
6. Chair molded to my tired old bod. The one I'm sitting in is pretty good but it better be because I swear I sat in every chair for 20 miles around. But the perfect one has to have arm rests that hold up. In less than 2 years, this plastic stuff has started cracking and occasionally jumps up and pinches me.
7. No glare window to look out. The current one is probably 4 by 4 but sometimes I have to close the blind to keep from going blind. And while I'm at it, how about cutting off the roof of my next door neighbor. If it wasn't for that, I could see forever instead of just half of forever.
8. Bose stereo system with killer speakers.
9. A room full of self-watering plants.
10. Expertly hung pictures of landscape scenes by famous photographers. Start with the Grand Canyon.
11. Massive bookshelf filled with every research book I'll ever need.

I could probably keep going forever but I keep getting this funky message about how Google blogging connection has been lost and I might not be able to save my blog. Better put that seamless Internet connection at the top of the list.

How about other people? What's in your perfect ideal room? Is it an office, a denlike retreat, maybe a patio, a sexy bedroom? Anyone who says laundry room will be kicked off the Aphrodisia site and never allowed back.

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