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Monday, June 02, 2008

Bloggin' for Delilah Devlin who is internetless

That's right, I'm here to blog for my fabulous sister, Delilah Devlin. Isn't it just like her to leave it to me to pick up the pieces? Just kidding. My sister lives out in the wilds of Arkansas where they have to pipe in the internet with the sunshine. Well her satellite internet service has been less than adequate and has been out for days! She's to the point she may have to resort to dial-up!!!! Egads! Just shoot me now!

I remember when I lived out in the country in Texas and we were on dial-up. How painful it was to send a file, view a picture, bring up a website. Once you've gone DSL, you'll never go back, NEVER!

I mean really, as a writer, you live a pretty solitary life, especially if you write full time. If not for the internet, it could be a very lonely life. The internet is my/our connection to the outside world. As a writer, it's hard to have friends. When you're not pounding out a book on deadline, you're somewhere knee-deep in the creative process and can't be disturbed or you've broken the process. Those people who used to be your friends are lost on the wayside, especially if they aren't writers like you and can't talk writing and books with the passion and obsession you can.

Thus, the internet is our salvation. Most of my friends are other writers scattered across the United States, Canada and other countries around the world. It's not like I can run out and have a cup of coffee with them. First of all, gulp, I don't drink coffee, I know, to some people that's a sin in itself. Second, they're too darned far! Even my sister, Delilah is 4.5 hours driving away from me and with gas prices skyrocketing. Fugetaboutit! Two years ago, I moved to the northern border of Arkansas and I have yet to make a friend here who is close enough for me to visit with on a regular basis. Not many writers up here who write what I write. Yeah, it makes a difference what you write sometimes.

I rely on the internet to keep in touch with friends, brainstorm ideas, share news and disappointments with people who know what it's like to be me. Who share a passion for writing and reading. Maybe I should say obsession, it's closer to the truth than passion, although passion is definitely a part of it!

What about you? Could you live without your internet, email, instant messaging, Youtube, iTunes, Ebay, google, mapquest, online book orders? Now that you're connected, how would you survive without it?

I pose these questions to all those in cyberspace. You know what I'm talking about.

Your cyberpal Myla Jackson

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