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Monday, June 09, 2008

Do YOU Know Your Emotional IQ?

Recently, a recruiter I’ve worked with several times in getting day job gigs called me about a job opportunity. With a voice brimming with enthusiasm, she listed all the requirements and duties, while I listened with growing dread. Despite this “fantastic” opportunity, all I could see was the dwindling hours per day left for me to spend on writing.

“And, they’re looking for someone with a high Emotional IQ,” she said.

“A what?” I laughed, thinking she was joking.

She then explained all the warm and fuzzy skills they were looking for in the areas of adaptability, motivating others with varying personality traits, working with difficult personalities to get the job done, etc. etc. This triggered a flashback of the Myers-Briggs test, which a company I’d worked for early in my career, had administered to all employees in my department. The results were supposed to enlighten us to our personality type – and those of others, facilitate our ability to work well with those who were different than us, and enable us to work together in harmony.

After the call, I searched the Internet for more information. Apparently, researchers had determined that traditional IQ tests, which only test intelligence, were inadequate in predicting success in life. Those tests were missing the emotional factor.

Enter the missing link: the Emotional Intelligence Test (EIQ). After oodles of studies, researchers determined that people with a high EIQ seemed to be more successful in life than those with a lower EIQ, even if their “traditional” IQ score was high – or, even average.

I took an EIQ test at Queendom.com, “the land of tests.” It was an interesting test. The subjective part asked me to give my responses on how I dealt with my emotions, the emotions of others, how I motivated myself, and more. The objective part showed a series of photographs and asked me to intuit what was going on. An hour later, and $9.95 poorer, I was amazed (and pleased) with the results. It accurately nailed the areas that I thought I was good at, while surprising me with a couple that I needed work in. Armed with a high IQ, I now have proof that I’ll make the bestsellers list one day. LOL

So, if you find yourself in the midst of a procrastination moment with $10 bucks to burn and an overwhelming desire to chart your EIQ, I recommend this test. And if you do take it, wanna discuss our test results?

Well, speaking of that day job, I’m off to put my EIQ skills to the test …


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