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Friday, June 06, 2008

Falling in love again...

After a very short break between my last deadline and the first draft of BREATHLESS, my anthology for Aphrodisia, I found myself falling in love.

All over again! I'm a fickle woman and it's taken me years to see it. Now, now, I'm married to a wonderful man. The love of my life, and all that stuff.

I've fallen in love with 6 new characters! Right now, they're ready to launch me into 3 wonderful new stories of love, hot sex and deeply (can we say deeply) satisfying romance. And I'm in love again.

Their stories, Breathless, To Die For, and Body by Gibson stretch before me: perfect, golden, exquisitely written. So far, there's not a darn thing wrong with them. The characters are wonderful: head strong, but trainable, gorgeous, but not perfect, warm, willing, sexual, but scared of committing.

All these things are waiting for me to explore. And it's one of the very best moments in writing. Because I'm in love.

You see, by the end, I'll hate every one of them for being difficult, demanding pains in the butt. They'll argue, stomp off...want sex I don't want (g) and will generally try to take over. I'll hang onto my plot, and only that, by the seat of my pants.

I'll fight with them, down and dirty, scrabbling in the bowels of the book to keep the point-of view straight, the words flowing, the love brewing. And it'll work, because I always win.

I'll win because by the time I'm fed up with these characters, I'll have discovered another set that wait for me: perfect, shiny, and agreeable. I'll finish the whole anthology BREATHLESS and send it in to my editor.

And then, like a miracle, I'll fall in love again. Fickle me!

Now, what does it take for you to fall for a writer? Why keep picking up the same writer's books time and again? Is it consistency in the type of books? Or the fresh, new twists? What makes you say: This writer is a must buy?

Bonnie Edwards

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