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Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Muse

All of us who write need to pamper our muse. Sometimes that's hard to do. We have parents and children and day jobs that need us. We have husbands and boyfriends and lovers. We have our girl friends and classes and exams and shopping and chores. And all of this take away from time for ourselves. I don't mean that in a bad way. I love my life, even as busy as it is. But I need quiet time to think and finding it can sometimes be challenging.

My readers might have noticed that my world building usually includes a lot of elements from nature. I use plant names for my characters. Ivy is the name of my heroine in SHE, and Lady Wisteria is an evil character from THE SUPPLICANT, for example. Where do I get these elements from? In the winter, my desk is covered in gardening catalogs. Listen to this. "...these dropping, milky-white naturalizers have dainty inner tips of emerald green." This is a description of snowdrops from the John Scheepers catalog.

Sometimes (okay, often) I break down and buy these delicious things. As a result my yard is filled with glorious foliage. All of the images here are from my garden. Now that summer is here, my muse is just out the door. And as I water and fertilize my creations, I feed that muse at the same time.

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