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Monday, July 07, 2008

Chemical-Dependent Creativity

By the time you read this, I will have been caffeine-free for 10 days.

And for a lifelong tea-aholic, this is big stuff!

While I've never liked coffee, and I don't like Diet Coke anymore except as a fountain drink (so I don't even keep any at home) it's been a rare, rare thing for me not to have hot or iced tea, prepped with SweetNLow, pretty much within arm's reach until about 3 every afternoon. I

quit on the spur of the moment this past Saturday, after hearing a guy at my Weight Watchers meeting say that giving up the caffeine and the constant sweetener broke his longtime weight plateau. Desperate times call for desperate measures! On the way home from the meeting, I decided to try it--again.

I've tried this before and went flying (or rather creeping, bleary-eyed) back to my tea fixes in a couple of days, tired of having a headache. But I am REALLY pleased that this time--don't know why--I've had not  a HINT of bad head. I think I'm gonna make it! As I write this, I'm on my 5th day!  But of course the other question is, how well will I be able to write if I'm not wired???

Have you done this? Given up the coffee--or the smokes--or whatever your drug of choice may be? How has it worked for you? While I noticed a couple of lethargic days over the weekend, I'm feeling pretty much normal (whatever THAT is!) now. And I've been OK while I've been writing, although I haven't quite met my daily page quota on my current cowboy wip.

I can't answer your comments, coz I'm leaving town (tonight, July 2) for my Queen Niece's graduation party in PA. But I'd love to hear from anyone about how they think caffeine, nicotine, or whatever, affects their writing. Or is this all in our heads??

The true test for me will be how alert I remain while I help us drive this week--and how
committed I stay to pounding out more pages on my AlphaSmart to make my deadline
for LONG HARD RIDE....hoping that doesn't become the story of my life without tea!

Melissa MacNeal

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