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Friday, July 11, 2008

Double Dipping

Yeah, I know by the title it sounds like this should be a really interesting blog. Sadly, it is not so interesting. I am simply double dipping with this blog post. I somehow managed to forget that it was my day to blog not only here with the Aphrodisia ladies, but also at The Bradford Bunch, so if you happen to read both and they sound rather similar... it could be your imagination. Or me being lazy because it's now so late on Friday afternoon my brain has turned to mush.

Given the mushy state of my mind and no strapping or virile topic popping right out at me (funny both topics and men fit those words, eh?), how about an update on the happenings in my writing life?

First off, this week brought a new contract from Kensington. Nothing too huge, but I will be writing a novella for the next firefighter anthology. I love the Club Fantasy anthologies out of Aphrodisia, so very excited to be in one! I don’t know my second anth mate yet, but my first one is Susan Lyons, whose work I adore. I also don’t know a publication date, but I am guessing either late summer or early winter of 09.

Second, well I guess that is really all the new contract news. I am finally back on the writing horse, though, and am wrapping up a Spice Brief to send to my editor at Spice. I have been trying to think of a short, hot, fun idea for Brief and finally it came to me. Here’s hoping my editor loves it as much as I do!! Next up, is finishing a paranormal single title proposal for my agent, the wonderful Laura Bradford, to shop around and then, if I have time before I start the firefighter novella, I owe a friend a short story for a smaller press.

Third--and no this doesn't really pertain to me, but close enough--I had the pleasure of interviewing the awesomely talented Devyn Quinn earlier this week. Check out that post tomorrow at The Bradford Bunch.

Lastly, want to win a signed copy of Sweet and Sinful? Tell me either what you've been up to lately OR if you think Sweet and Sinful's cover is hot or cheesy (I am still up in the air on that one), and I will select a winner at random from all those who respond.

Wishing a relaxing and sunny weekend to all! :)

~ jodi


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