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Monday, January 28, 2008

Is book weight like baby weight?

A common writers' mantra is "Butt in Chair", meaning that sitting down and actually writing is the only way to complete a book.

To my surprise, I recently sat my way to a weight gain of five (okay—eight) pounds during the writing of book 3, LYON, THE LORDS OF SATYR. The inactivity of sitting before a computer for the long hours necessary to fulfill my vision really packed it on. The fridge breaks didn't help. Once I realized I could not fit comfortably into my favorite jeans, a visit to the scales was in order. What a shocker that was. I reset the button twice thinking what I was seeing wasn't possible.

I'm calling it my "book weight" because it's similar to the "baby weight" new moms often work at shedding after giving birth. I figure books and babies are both acts of creation, though authors visit Fed Ex for their deliveries rather than hospitals.

The good news is I've lost most of my "book weight" by telling myself I can have that cookie any time--I don't have to eat it now when I'm trying to fit into my jeans. Still, I surprises me how easy it was to gain without even realizing what was happening. Just imagine if we gained five or ten pounds with every book we wrote. Yikes.

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